An Update from Kay!

An Update from Kay!

Thank you for joining us for our weekly update with a message from Kay Iida!

Kay is the Director of Community Affairs at The Center and is committed to ending sexual and domestic violence once and for all. Kay is a retired police commander, and will be walking the runway in the beautiful pink clothes you purchase for him! Check out his video to learn how Kay is involved in the community, why this cause is meaningful to him, the concept behind this event, and why your support is so important!

Reader Comments

  1. Kay,
    Great seeing you work to end domestic violence and helping survivors! Very proud of your efforts and accomplishments.

    How do we sponsor you?

    Let me know!


    1. Hi Paul!

      I’ve sent you an email with instructions, but I wanted to reply to you here as well. The link to our eStore is in the menu on our website (“The Center’s eStore”), where you can find any items of clothing you would like to see Kay wear! When you make your selection and check out, there is a question that asks “who will wear this item?” Select Kay’s name and then your donation will go to sponsor him!

      Thanks so much for your support!


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