Tony Palermo – Papa Roach

Tony Palermo is the thunderous and explosive drummer of the multi-platinum rock band Papa Roach. Hailing from the Bay Area of Northern California, Tony grew up as a self-taught drummer. Receiving his first drum kit at 12 years old, Tony began practicing with a fierce drive to excel.

After relocating to the Los Angeles area he joined a band called Ten Foot Pole with some high school friends. In 1993 they received their first recording contract from Epitaph Records and began touring the world. This stint took him to 1999 when he joined the band Pulley. Fast forward to 2004 when Tony landed the drum seat for the band Unwritten Law and is featured on two of their albums: Here’s to the Mourning and The Hit List. Tony got his first taste of chart topping singles with “Save Me” and “She Says”.

In 2008, Tony became the full-time drummer for Papa Roach, and he has been involved with six of the bands’ releases. His chart topping success is continued by performing on multiple Papa Roach singles, several of which reached number 1 status. The band has managed to maintain a level of relevance and has gained solid respect from their peers, as well as the music industry. Playing for one of the most influential hard rock bands of the past 2 decades, Tony Palermo and Papa Roach continue to thrill and amaze their devoted fans around the world.

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